Intensive Dutch Language Course in Nature

Active Dutch course in nature on 28th June - 5th July 2019. Limited capacity for max. 12 students! Early bird price of EUR 695,- including intensive Dutch course, guided excursions and accommodation for 7 nights. Find more information about the course and sign up here.

Good news for those who feel they want to boost their Dutch language skills and spend more time in nature. Together with Nature Connects, we are organizing an intensive and active Dutch language course in one of the most beautiful national parks of the Netherlands, Weerribben-Wieden. In the morning you’ll have Dutch classes and in the afternoon we’ll explore the National Park and its surroundings together. If you already know the basics of the Dutch language and you’d like to work on your speaking/ active useof vocabulary, Dutch sentence structure and gain more confidence in speaking – this week is for you! During this week we’ll stick to Dutch as much as possible, so you’ll have every opportunity to improve your Dutch language skills.


You’ll start your day with Dutch classes (8.30am-1pm). To make sure you make the most out of the lessons, Taalservice Leiden, with over 16 years of experience in giving Dutch lessons, has tailored a fun and practical program especially for this week. The program emphasizes on real life situations and has a high focus on conversation. Through speaking exercises/ games you will improve your pronunciation, gain more confidence in speaking and you’ll learn how to apply the rules of Dutch sentence structure in all kinds of sentences. The group is kept small, max 12 students, so there is a lot of space to ask questions and for personal feedback. In short, it is a week in which you can really boost your Dutch language skills.

Language level: The level of the course is A2/B1 of the CEF, with level A2 being a min. required level for participation. Upon registration, you will receive a short intake document and a placement test.

Certificate: At the end of the course you’ll receive a certificate issued by Taalservice Leiden, stating your reached language level and what you’ve learned during the course.


We are staying in one of the most beautiful national parks of the Netherlands, Weerribben-Wieden. Thanks to the human hands of peat(turf) diggers and reed cutters, a beautiful landscape full of lakes, waterways, reed lands, peat forests and quaking bogs was created. This water abundant area is the habitat of hundreds of extraordinary plants and animals. One of the rare inhabitants is the otter, also the symbol of the Weerribben-Wieden.

The best way to experience the atmosphere of the Weerribben-Wieben is on foot or from the water. It is amazing to canoe through this gorgeous area in peace and quiet. You will see many kinds of waterfowl and insects, and with a bit of luck you may even spot an otter among the vegetation in the water and on the banks.

Besides walking and canoeing there is a lot more to do in this beautiful area. We will leave it up to the weather and our energy what the exact program will be. Of course we’ll speak Dutch on all of our adventures.

MORE INFO AND SIGN UP HERE or feel free to use the contact form if you have any questions!

Student reviews

Kat is extremely enthusiastic about her job and one can literally feel that she truly loves what she is doing. She inspired me to learn Dutch and her classes helped me tremendously in overcoming the language speaking barrier. Each time after a lesson I remember feeling energized and rejoiced. Overall, I would highly recommend Kat as a Dutch tutor. She is able to build a wonderful rapport with people of all ages! – Victoria, student –

Kat is an inspirational teacher who helped me develop my Dutch, and the confidence to speak it, enormously. Kat listened to my priorities (to speak and understand Dutch primarily, rather than write and read), and designed lessons that were fun and lead to real results – taking me from a lower intermediate speaker who used Dutch rarely, to an intermediate speaker who speaks Dutch often. I cannot recommend Kat highly enough! – James, student –

Kat teaches in a way that made the class feel at ease speaking, answering questions, and discussing in Dutch without fear of being made to feel bad for any faults. Because of the small groups in class, Kat is able to tailor teaching to each student’s individual needs – I often felt challenged to push my knowledge further, but did not fear getting things wrong. This was excellent for how I learn. I learned a lot and came away feeling that my Dutch knowledge progressed a lot faster than it would’ve without Kat’s lessons. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her classes to anyone seeking to further their Dutch knowledge. – Thomas, student –

Katerina is an excellent teacher. She is a perfectly open-minded teacher, with enthusiasm for the teaching subject. Her cheerful personality in combination with her inexhaustible knowledge of the Dutch language, make her courses enjoyable, but at the same time very effective. I had some lessons with other institutes as well, but I could clearly see the difference in improvements when I studied with Katerina. I would definitely recommend Katerina to anyone who is either beginner, or advanced in Dutch! – Georgios, student –

Kat is a great teacher, patient and focusing on involving everyonein the group. She is supportive and flexible with arrangement to suit her students’ needs. Lessons were fun and informative with different techniques used to strengthen understanding. – Margaret, student –

Intensive Dutch Course in Nature