As a former CNaVT examining institution, Taalservice Connect can help you prepare for all levels of this certificate. The CNaVT exam is an official, international exam of Dutch as a Foreign Language for all who learn Dutch all over the world. By passing the exam, a language learner proves that he or she has mastered enough Dutch to be able to speak it, listen, read and write in certain contexts. People learn Dutch for a variety of reasons: to go on holiday in the Netherlands or Belgium for example. Or to study, live or work in a Dutch-speaking environment. For this reason the CNaVT has developed different profile exams. The language learner can choose which profile (exam) suits his or her needs best. One can make a choice out of the following:
CNaVT Profile

Maatschappelijk Informeel

For those who want to maintain social contacts with their Dutch-speaking family or friends. Also for those who want to demonstrate that they can manage as a tourist in a Dutch-speaking area, or for those who want to communicate with Dutch-speaking tourists in a non-professional context in their own country. Language level: A2.

Maatschappelijk Formeel

For those who have an interest in the Dutch language and culture or want to live in the Netherlands or Belgium for an extended period of time. Language level: B1.

Zakelijk Professioneel

For those who would like to work in an administrative or service-oriented profession and therefore need Dutch (e.g. as a secretary or bank employee). Language level: B2.

Educatief Startbekwaam

For those who would like to study at a Dutch-speaking college of higher education or university. Language level: B2.

Educatief Professioneel

For those who have neared completion of their education in Dutch as a foreign language or for those who would like to teach Dutch as a foreign language. It is also for people who want to work in a Dutch-speaking academic environment, e.g. as a researcher. Language level: C1.

Taalservice Connect will prepare you for the CNaVT exam of your choice. To learn more, please contact us and/or visit the official CNaVT website (in Dutch).

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