27/05/2013 11:45

New: Learn basic Dutch words and phrases with SMS learning!

How do you greet people in Dutch? How do you say thank you and what is the correct answer? What does it mean when they say Hoe gaat het met je and what are you supposed to answer?

If you would like to learn the basic Dutch verbs and phrases, try SMS learning!

How does it work?

You receive 20 SMSes per month, every day from Monday to Friday. In every SMS you will find basic Dutch words and expressions and their English translation, e.g.:

Hoe gaat het met je?=How are you doing?

Alvast dank!=Thanks in advance!

At the end of the month, you can test your knowledge with a test sent by e-mail.


  • All words and expressions come with an English translation.
  • You extend your vocabulary and learn step by step, every day a few words/expressions, no long lists.
  • The words/expressions are offered in logical order, ready to be used in conversations, which means that you see the logic and learn faster.
  • The SMS learning programme is designed for absolute beginners.
  • At the end of the month, you can do a test, test your knowledge and get feedback from a Dutch language teacher!

What does it cost?

SMS learning  Price
Basic Dutch words and phrases EUR 15

After the first month, you can decide, whether you would like to continue.

Interested? Contact us! The next round starts on Monday 30th September!