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Workshop: Preparation for CNaVT exam (level A2)

Intensive one-day workshop in preparation for the CNaVT Dutch language exam for foreigners (Profile PTIT, level A2). You can come take the exam at Taalservice Utrecht in May 2014. 

What and for whom?

If you are learning Dutch, it will certainly benefit you when in Holland to also hold an internationally recognized exam or certificate. This workshop will prepare you for taking the CNaVT exam on A2 language level and earning the highly recognized CNaVT certificate.
The CNaVT exam is the official, international exam of Dutch as a Foreign Language for all who learn Dutch all over the world. By passing an exam a language learner proves that he or she has mastered enough Dutch to be able to speak it, listen, read and write in certain contexts.


Highly qualified, seasoned lecturers with several years of professional experience in preparing people for the CNaVT exam and teaching Dutch to foreigners will lead the workshop. One of the lecturers is an examiner for the CNaVT exam, which you can come and take in 2014 at the language school Taalservice Utrecht in Utrecht. You will receive more information during the workshop.

During the workshop, we work with authentic materials for preparing for the exam, which are not available to the public on the Internet. In addition to the sample exams publicly available on the Internet, you will thus gain many more preparation materials than you would find anywhere else.

The lecturers will also fill you in on several useful tips and tricks on how to succeed in individual parts of the exam. You will practice and refine your skills at speaking (interaction and role-playing), listening and writing at an A2 level just like it will be required of you during the exam. They will provide you with personal feedback and answer all of your questions. The workshop takes place in a very pleasant, personal atmosphere in Utrecht with a small group of participants.

When? Where? How much?

Date:  Saturday 7 December 2013, 10:00 -18:00
Location: Taalservice Utrecht, Theo van Doesburgstraat 103, Utrecht
Price:  EUR 250 per person (incl. prepared materials (authentic model exercises), coffee, tea, cookies and a light lunch)
Participants:  4 - 10  
Lecturers: 2     
Language: Dutch

Interested? You can book the workshop here by selecting December 7, 10:00 AM: Book workshop or just contact us.

More information on the CnaVT exam: www.cnavt.org

We look forward to meeting you!

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