Kat @ Taalservice Connect

  • Docente Nederlands als tweede taal / Nederlands als vreemde taal met 18 jaar ervaring en meer dan 10.500 gegeven taallessen (maart 2020)
  • Afgestudeerd in de specialisaties neerlandistiek en tolk-vertaler 
  • Ervaring in het geven van Nederlandse les aan particulieren en bedrijven op individuele en groepsbasis, en in het geven van Nederlandse les via Skype sinds 2003 
  • Ervaring als examinator van Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal
  • Ervaring met gespecialiseerde cursussen voor vertalers en tolken voor Europese instanties in Brussel, Straatsburg en Den Haag

Specialisme & expertise

  • Taalles, ontwikkeling van spreek- en interactievaardigheden, behandeling van spreekangst en het opbouwen van zelfvertrouwen bij het gebruik van de Nederlandse taal
  • Beoordeling taalniveau Nederlands
  • Examens en voorbereiding op Nederlandse taalcertificaten (Inburgeringsexamen en CNaVT)
  • Nederlandse taalcursussen voor vertalers en tolken

Aanpak & methodologie

Het doel van mijn lessen is studenten te helpen en aan te moedigen om het Nederlands te gebruiken in hun dagelijks leven en werk in Nederland en België. De voornaamste focus ligt op gesproken communicatie, interactie en luistervaardigheid. Ik geef lessen aan kleine groepen studenten (max. 5 deelnemers) zodat ik elke student met zo veel mogelijk persoonlijke aandacht en feedback kan helpen. Ik wissel verschillende onderwijsmethoden en materialen af om de aandacht van de studenten te behouden, hen aan te moedigen en hun leerproces te vergemakkelijken. De fun factor speelt daar een belangrijke rol bij. Zie ook: Reviews.

Mijn studenten komen uit alle hoeken van de wereld: Argenitinië, Algerië, Australië, Bermuda, Botswana, Brazilië, Canada, China, Cyprus, Duitsland, Egypte, Filipijnen, Finland, Frankrijk, Groot-Brittannië, Griekenland, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hongarije, Ierland, IJsland, India, Indonesië, Israël, Italië, Jordanië, Kazachstan, Letland, Litouwen, Mexico, Mongolië, Nieuw-Zeeland, Noorwegen, Oekraïne, Pakistan, Palestina, Polen, Portugal, Roemenië, Rusland, Singapore, Slowakije, Spanje, Taiwan, Trinidad en Tobago, Tsjechië, Turkije, Verenigde Staten, Vietnam, Zuid-Afrika en Zwitserland.


Hartverwarmend om te horen dat mijn studenten blij zijn met hun lessen en examenvoorbereiding! Om alle 80+ reviews te bekijken, wil ik u graag verwijzen naar Mijn LinkedIn Profiel. Onderstaand vindt u een aantal voorbeelden:

"Before contacting Kat I took several group lessons but I have to admit that I have achieved incredible better results with Kate via Skype. She was really good assessing my current level of Dutch and proposed a study plan focused on my personal needs. Very professional and highly qualified as teacher with a creative and useful teaching dynamic. This is not something you easily find in other Institutes of teacher. I strongly recommend her to all of you who want to improve your dutch language."

Andres, student

"I would definatly reccomment Kat to anyone wishing to learn Dutch, She is a fantastic, friendly and understanding teacher and I very much look forward to my lessons. The course materials and lessons are well thought out and easy to understand and to follow."

Annabelle, student

"I have had the pleasure of having Kat as a Dutch teacher during my work as an expat in the Netherlands. Kat is a fun person and so the lessons she gives are a lot of fun for the students. She has a good sense of what the student needs to know in order to improve him/herself. I found Kat's lessons far superior to other language courses I've tried. Overall highly recommended."

Or, student

"I highly recommend Kat as a Dutch language teacher. She customizes the lessons based on your current abilities and your language goals, and she has creative exercises and assignments so that the process is not boring. She communicates clearly and is easy to talk to. She also conducts the official CNaVT (Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal) exams each year and can assist you with practice exercises beforehand so you'll know exactly what to expect. I've really enjoyed working with her."

Laurie, student

"Kat is a very understanding and caring language teacher who takes an interest in the needs, availability and levels of competency of her students and makes Dutch lessons fun to attend by varying the content and pathos of the lessons, to push us all to reach the best standard that we can. I have enjoyed every lesson!"

Mike, student

"Kat is a very creative teacher. Compared with others, she has different ways of teaching such as speaking with music/rhythm, playing game, etc. That helps us to understand and remember the language better. In addition, she is flexible with our schedule and is a pleasant person to work with. I would recommend her to my friends/ colleagues."

Tien, student

"Kat is very friendly and kind. She is also a very responsible teacher who cares into details. When teaching she creates a relaxed and enjoyable learning atmosphere while delivering high quality courses at the same time. Kat personalizes the course content to make sure every student's requirement is met. I am very happy to being learning Dutch from her."

Kun, student

"I have been taking lessons from Kat since 2013. I found her to be very understanding, patient, and fun. She has taught me a great deal since my brief time with her and I look forward to mastering the language with such a fun and flexible teacher."

Carla, student

"I started attending dutch lessons with Kat since September 2013, she made learning dutch language fun, exciting and really interesting. If you are looking for the best service and teacher who would help and focus on your needs and who will made it a lot easier to learn, I highly recommend Taalservice and Kat for a great dutch language experience. Dank je wel!"

Katrina, student

"Dutch language is quite difficult to learn, UNTIL you take the class from taalservice. Kat is my Dutch teacher since September 2013 and she never fails to motivate and makes the language easy for us to understand and fun for us to learn. If you are looking for the best trainer to help you learn Dutch -- I surely recommend that you take your classes with Kat and taalservice. As Kat is a fantastic and brilliant teacher that will surely help you with your Dutch language dilemmas."

Justine, student

"Kat is the best language professional I had luck to work with. Lessons are efficiently built, adjusted to one´s needs and fun. The right choice for both companies and private Skype lessons."

Ekaterina, student

"From the first moment I had contact with Kat she was friendly, personable and very professional. Her knowledge of languages and her ability to communicate even the most subtle of differences in language made her an invaluable teacher. It was a real pleasure learning with Kat and I'd recommend her taalservice without hesitation. Dank u wel!" 

Shaun, student

"I had a couple of private lessons with Kat during my short stay in Utrecht and I must say that she was highly professional and well prepared at all times. The lessons were tailor-made to my needs and speed of learning, which renewed my enthusiasm for the Dutch. I can recommend Taalservice Utrecht to anyone interested in learning this beautiful language and I will definitely continue via Skype." 

Michaela, student

"I work as a conference interpreter  for the EU institutions and would like to add Dutch to my language combination as a C language one day. Kat knows exactly what I need for my job and helps me to get there – she sends me articles, short stories,  exercises before our skype sessions  so that we can discuss specific grammar or vocabulary issues; I attempt to do “sight translation” with her; I listen to the news, on-line lectures  and try to sum them up, with Kat cross-checking whether I understood the nitty-gritty details.  We have fun with short consec exercises that definitely boost my stress levels. We chat over anything and everything and thus I get more confident to express myself and become more aware of the sentence structure. Kat meticulously notes all words, sentence fragments that I do not put right and posts them through skype messages. She sends me texts for written translation. Kats teaching is very dynamic, efficient, encouraging, interesting and fun. Most importantly, Kat is very flexible and always does everything to accommodate to my ever-changing work schedule. Great teacher!"

Dana, student

"Katerina is a very dedicated teacher. Perfectly prepered for every lesson via Skype that I have been following with her. 
Very flexibel regarding the classes time. She offers flexible class times to help busy students find time to study. 
She is able to give me individual attention and focus on specific needs.Very knowledgeable teacher of Dutch language at the level C1 in my case. I recommend her to everybody who needs to learn Dutch and to be well prepered for the CNaVT exam."

Jolanta, student

"After various group lessons I started lessons with Katerina to prepare for the NT2-II exam. Katerina is an excellent teacher and the individual focus really helps to make fast progress. She is also fun to talk to and provides lot of up-to-date and useful material outside normal "boring" course books :) The lessons via Skype worked even better than what I expected. I can definitely recommend to anyone in need of Dutch lessons!"

Anu, student

"Katerina has been a great to work with, tailoring lessons to my skill level and teaching in an engaging and reactive (to my varying abilities) way. In addition, she is flexible in making times and dates work for her clients, and manages to make me enjoy my Dutch lessons, so that I dont' dread them. A high achievement indeed!"

Robert, student

"Katerina is a very good teacher of Dutch language. She has a lot of experience teaching Dutch to many different nationalities. She adapts the lesson plans according to the student's capacity and knowledge, which is very helpful when learning a foreign language. She is very personable which encourages the student to speak the language without any inhibitions. Katerina is very hard working and dedicated to her work. She provides both online courses and on site courses. In spite of her busy schedule she always tries to adjust to the student's schedule. She has incorporated traditional language learning tools and more recent on line tools to enhance her teaching methods. 
I would highly recommend Katerina to any one who wants to learn Dutch."

Gowri, student

"Katerina is an excellent Dutch language teacher. Besides a fluid curriculum, she comes up with creative ways such as through games, music and stories to teach the rules of Dutch language to non-native speakers while at the same time being informative. She is also very personable and listens to the needs of her students in order to cater to their needs and interest in the Dutch language."

Priya, student

"Katerina is an excellent tutor who possesses all the qualities required to teach. She is very knowledgeable in the Dutch language and in other subjects. Katerina is very patient, passionate, friendly and upbeat. She is always well-prepared. The lessons are never boring as she uses various kinds of material and takes into consideration the student’s likes and dislikes. 

I am currently taking lessons with Katerina via Skype and I could not be happier. 
I would highly recommend Katerina to anyone interested in learning the Dutch language whether it is at the beginner’s level or at a higher level."

Solange, student

"I've been taking private Dutch courses from Katerina for 6 months, I honestly find her training style very efficient, fun and also flexible. She's been using a blend of several Dutch study material, which has been very effective in teaching the foundation, grammar and vocabulary. I also really appreciate her for delivering the classes online on Skype. That makes our courses independent of location, which helps during the times I travel quite often. I can certainly recommend Katerina as a Dutch language tutor."

Emre, student

"I am proud of having been taught by such a wonderful teacher as Katerina! I have become well acquainted with her since I started learning Dutch language and I come to know many positive qualities that define Katerina. Thanks to her excellent teaching abilities in addressing the needs of the student, I very much enjoyed every lesson I have taken. Her dedication in teaching and extensive talent in multiple languages impresses me. 
Besides her resourceful academic qualifications, she has excellent personality who is always willing to establish a good friendship. She is also a good-humoured, open-minded and helpful individual, with whom I found very enjoyable and productive way of learning a foreign language. Her ability to put on a cheerful face during lessons is what I appreciate much about her."

Indira, student

"I took both private and group lessons at Katerina's and enjoyed both. She works with different books and different material, easily detects your strengths, weeknessess and interests and plans her classes the way that they are most effective and also most fun - both in private but also in group lessons! 

She is also very flexible and understanding, nice and easy to talk to. Eventhough she is "fun" she never looses focus and always stays professional. Regarding time planning etc she always trys to find the best solutions. 

I would recommend her classes any time to anyone! She will always find the right studying style and material for you, no matter if you want to study dutch casually for daily life in Holland or if you need to learn dutch very fast for work, integration etc."

Hanna, student

"I have had Dutch lessons from Katerina and found her very efficient tutor. Katerina has special ways of coaching with examples which make it easier for people from any background and any level to understand and practice Dutch. She is friendly, polite and has good sense of humor. I have had lessons from other institutes as well but I could see clear difference in improvements when I studied with Katerina. 

I would highly recommend Katerina to anyone who is keen on learning Dutch fast while having some fun."

Jitender, student

"Katerina has a very personalized approach. She helped me to improve certain subjects, which wouldn't be as effective when learning within a group. Katerina is also very flexible, and that makes easier to follow a study program while having a full-time job."

Silvana, student

"Katerina is very professional and a good tutor of Dutch. She proven a good knowledge of the language and of understanding the culture behind it as well. Working with her was pleasant and I'd recommend her to anyone who'd like to learn Dutch."

Michal, student

"Katerina is always friendly, upbeat and flexible in regards to the timing of the lessons and the specific requests of her students. Her lessons use a wide variety of materials and she has excellent grammatical and cultural knowledge."

Kathryn, student

"Katerina is an excellent teacher. She is also very friendly and keeps encouraging you to learn Dutch. The first few minutes of every lesson include talking about activities from one's daily life in Dutch, which helps one to improve one's speaking skills. I would definitely recommend her ,if anyone is seriously interested in learning Dutch,more specifically, if someone wants to improve one's communication skills in Dutch."

Neeraj, student

"I haven't made so much progress with Dutch in past 3 years as I made in last 4 months while I am taking Dutch lessons from Katerina. Because I travel a lot, I take her 'virtual' lessons over Internet and Skype. It is very good and intensive 1 to 1 lectures and I can do it from any place in the world. 

Katerina is very knowledgeable about Dutch language and culture and has very good tution skills, she can explain everything very clearly and finds the right pace for anybody to easily follow the subject. Taalservice Utrecht rocks!"

Jakub, student

"Katerina is a professional and competent Dutch tutor, the lesson is always nice and the time goes so fast. It's nice to learn such a language with a great teacher like Katerina."

Lorena, student

"Katerina is an expert teacher with a great knowledge, learning a new language with her became easy. I highly recommend her."

Antonio, student

"Thanks to Katerina, I discovered the magic of Dutch culture, especially modern literature, and I learned so much more about Holland than I did from just textbooks. Lessons were different than standard courses, and I made fantastic progress over the time that she taught me. I can readily recommend Katerina to those not just desiring a command over a few words, but those wanting to live, eat and breathe Holland."

Dita, student

"Kate is a fantastic dutch instructor. very patient, very clear. She makes it easy to understand and the lessons are lots of fun."

Tumi, student

"I can truly recommend Katerina. I have personal experience with group and private lessons, as well as e-learning. Friendly approach, true professionalism and always a smile on her face. ;-)"

Lenka, student

“With Katerina you will learn a language the fun way. She is an excelent open-minded teacher with enthusiasm for teaching subject. Thanks to her professional values and personal commitments you will see improving your language skills very fast. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.” 

Zdenka, student

"Katerina is an excellent linguist and a highly talented
teacher of languages. Katerina is highly flexible, always ready to adapt to my difficult and ever changing time schedule.
She is very resourceful, keeps coming up with new teaching material so
lessons are very exciting and interesting. Whenever I raise a question
about this or that expression, she will provide the answer and add a
host of related words, synonyms and phrases to help plant the word
into my brain. She also knows a lot about the Netherlands, both the
country and its people and shares this information regularly - so even
during my first visit I didn´t feel a foreigner.
I have never had a better language teacher."

Simona, student