Dutch lessons

Taalservice Leiden offers individual and group Dutch lessons for all language levels in Leiden or via Skype. Lessons last 45, 60 or 90 minutes. 


The objective of the lessons is based on needs, where it is possible to focus on:

  • practical life in the Netherlands and Belgium, daily communication at work, in shops, offices
  • speaking, listening and interaction, managing speaking fear and gaining self-confidence in Dutch language
  • Business Dutch, Dutch for managers, CV, applying for a job, job interviews in Dutch
  • Dutch for translators and interpreters
  • Dutch for au-pairs, communicating in the household, with children and in families
  • medical Dutch, Dutch for foreign doctors

Structure of lessons

Typical Dutch lessons with Taalservice Leiden follow the following structure:

  • conversation: simple conversation for beginners, advanced students prepare an independent speech several minutes long on a topic of their choice
  • reviewing the previous lesson
  • correcting homework together
  • speaking: thematically focused building of vocabulary, often with images, sometimes in the form of games
  • grammar and textbook: rules of grammar and their practice based on our own materials or using textbooks
  • listening: on a topic or from the textbook or based on our own materials
  • writing and reading: homework or dictation
This structure can be altered in any way to meet your wishes, needs and interests. In preparing for Dutch language exms and certificates, the lesson structure is based on the given exam structure.

Lesson costs

The costs for private lessons are incl. extra materials, vocabulary stickers, coffee/tea and little refreshments. Please find more information about the prices here.

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